Calf Augmentation

Surgery that allows to enlarge the size and contour of calves, obtaining inmdiate results, with a more defined and muscular appearance, without exaggerations according to high of each patient.


Anaesthesia: Local with sedation, but general anesthesia is often opted for.
Duration: 2 hours.
Hospitalization: 1 day.
Recovery: 1 week.
Comments: This surgery obtains immediate results with minimum scars. They are placed through an incision of 3 cms. through small incisions in the creases behind the knee, with an imperceptible scar. The implants are stuffed of silicone gel. Fascia or sural aponeurosis is placed behind that covers the calf region. The sizes of implants will depend on a customized evaluation of each patient, it is not a single and equal technique for all the patients.