A big or disproportioned chest may feel a woman insecure with her appearance and discontented with her body. Additionally, a big chest may cause back and neck aches, making more difficult her daily activities. Breast reduction eliminates weight and mass, making her feel a lot more secure and comfortable. Currently, scars are shorter than in classic techniques.


Anesthesia: General or local with sedative.
Duration: 1 or 2 hours.
Hospitalization: Ambultory or brief stay (1 day).
Recovery: Back to work in a few days. Physical contact with breasts, 3-4 weeks. Recovery of natural color in scars, after few months. 
Commens: Side effects: Temporary burning, swelling, sensitivity change in the nipples. Chest sensitive to stimulation for a few weeks. Some risks: Infection, assymetry, tension. Sometimes increase or decrease in nipple or breast skin sensitivity.